An Introduction to Drupal Commerce

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Building Drupal powered e-commerce websites is more powerful than ever before with Drupal Commerce. The project was built from scratch on Drupal 7 to take advantage of its greatest features, depending heavily on the new Field system to provide you with the tools you need to build any type of e-commerce website. Additionally, the Commerce modules are deeply integrated Views 3 and Rules 2 so you can create advanced configurations and customizations without resorting to PHP.

In this session, Ryan will introduce Drupal Commerce with a few notes and slides about the vision of the project and the architecture of the core modules, entities, and fields. That will be followed up with a technical demonstration of the latest release of Drupal Commerce that covers everything from installation and configuration to store administration and the customer experience. Any time remaining will be spent on Q&A, with attendees free to browse a demonstration site and/or explore a starter installation profile during and after the session.

To get a feel for Drupal Commerce in advance, check out the demo site or try your hand at installing with the Commerce Kickstart installation profile (currently available only through Git).

Commerce Camp attendees who did not catch Ryan's session in Chicago are highly encouraged to attend this session, as it aims to provide an introduction to every aspect of Commerce. Additional sessions may build on this foundational information to flesh out specific aspects of Drupal Commerce site building and module development. If you can't make the session but still intend to check out some of the more specific Commerce sessions, you may benefit from first watching the session video from DrupalCon Chicago.

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11 June 13:15 - 14:00
Recital Hall

Great presentation

Ryan got off to a slow start with technical difficulties early in the time slot, but he delivered a very high energy presentation and got through all the material. Helped this beginner to e-C on Drupal understand Drupal's plans for going forward

Thanks, Ross. Was definitely

Thanks, Ross. Was definitely bummed about the technical difficulties. If you want to see the material at a little more reasonable pace, you might check out my video from DrupalCon Chicago: