1. Will DrupalCamp Colorado Rock?
    Yes. DrupalCamp Colorado will rock.

  2. What is DrupalCamp Colorado?
    It's a two-day, community-organized conference for web professionals and enthusiasts. Almost all content will be about Drupal.

  3. Does it cost to attend?
    Right now registration costs $35, but it will increase to $50 on June 6th. These increases encourage early signup which helps us plan with our vendors. Note that the cost of the camp is over $60, so even those who sign up late are getting an amazing value (all thanks to our sponsors!).

  4. How can I sponsor DrupalCamp Colorado?
    You should first review sponsorship benefits to get an idea of what level of sponsorship you would be interested in, and then head over to our contact page to let us know you're interested. We look forward to hearing from you!

  5. What is Drupal?
    Drupal is a mature, open-source, PHP-based CMS and web application framework. Find out more at http://drupal.org.

  6. When and where?
    June 11-12 near downtown Denver at the Auraria Higher Education Center, with pre-conference paid training on June 10th. See the Travel page for location and the program for content.

  7. Are we going camping?
    No, the "camp" part of DrupalCamp comes from the unconference style pioneered by BarCamp. But, should you want to go camping, or another engagement with the wonderful environment in Colorado, post about it on the forums.

  8. What can I expect?
    Lots of great things.

  9. What else?
    Mobile guide, short URLs, session evaluations, cool shtuff

  10. I can only attend one day - is it worthwhile? Can I get a discounted ticket?
    It's definitely worth it.

    There will always be sessions that are interesting to people who are knowledgeable about Drupal, though Saturday will likely have more of "absolute beginner" introduction sessions than Sunday.

    And of course the cost is affordable. So, even if you miss the concepts in a few of the sessions it's still a great value for the money.

    We can't offer a discounted ticket because it would just be too hard to monitor whether someone showed up both days or just one. We are volunteer run and don't check the doors too hard - if folks have their badge then they get in the whole time.