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Become an amazing Drupal developer with over 220 clean, concise video tutorials for new and seasoned Drupal developers.

Build a is rapidly becoming a go-to place for developers who need to learn Drupal 7 development fast. The videos are focused and practical, with source code so you can follow along with every example. Here are a few things that subscribers have had to say:

"Wow! That sums it up for me. The challenge of go out and see what you can do at the end of the module file is a fantastic approach. I have been a trainer in a number of industries over the last 15 years and you hit it out of the park with this one so far. Really really well done."

"Amazing ... omg - I've been working too long at trying to find the right resources... will be investigating your site more and possibly sign up :) Very very nice."

" far I am very impressed. I'm a new developer and I really enjoy how clear and well thought out these video's are so far. Thank you!"

"Very in-depth look into module basics. Really liking the time being spent on the details."

"I've done video work and was a high-school computer science teacher for several years, and I'm impressed with your preparation, organization, thoroughness, pacing, and delivery."

"Dude you rock. Though I knew most of this info, the challenge section is an amazing tool. It's something that a book doesn't really do that the video method does! It speaks directly to the viewer and says now let's see what you learned. Great stuff."

With a squeaky clean, one-page interface for viewing videos, you can easily see what topics are covered and how long each section will take. The monthly subscription option is very affordable, and there are options for downloading videos for offline viewing or purchasing DVDs so you can learn on the go.

Several Drupal shops are already using Build a to train their developers, and the visual immersion helps to solidify concepts that can be challenging to grasp with text-based learning.

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