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You want to contribute code to Drupal. Great! But how? What's this Git thing people are talking about that you seem to need to know how to use? You just want to write Drupal code, dagnabbit!

Git is the version control system used on, and it is important to understand how to use it in order to contribute effectively. Fortunately, it's a pretty darned cool tool in its own right.

This session will cover the basics of understanding Git, and show attendees how to get setup to share code with the Drupal community on It will not be an exhaustive study of Git, but should cover enough to get people started on the right foot and understand what git is doing under the hood.

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11 June 11:30 - 12:15
Classroom 101

git gui

For Mac users, this may have been the build of gitx used in the session:

It offers a few additional nifty features compared with the current stable .7 from