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The clouds hung ominously on a chilly morning in Minneapolis. It was February, the second month of the new decade. The country was in turmoil amidst the ongoing Iran hostage crisis, but the sun was rising. It was morning in America.

A nurse slowly put out his cigarette and watched a distant station wagon cross the hospital parking lot. Memories of the night before, the quiet words explaining the need to see other people, the tears, the shattered glass, remained a blur in his head as the car pulled up. A hurried driver jumped out, a ready father. "My wife is in labor."

It was too late, the drive from Apple Valley too far. The baby was coming. There was no time to enter the hospital. The nurse called out to his coworkers. "Someone get a doctor." But there was no time. The baby came, the nurse delivered. Last night was gone, the morning had begun.

The excitement subsided as the baby was taken inside the hospital. Thoughts of last night returned to the nurse's mind, along with longing for another cigarette, smoke to cloud the memory. Absentminded, he asked the new mother "will you hop up on this gurney." The mother, exhausted and focused, responded "no, I will not." The nurse regretted his words, both recent and distant.

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