Usability Findings: What do users have to say about Drupal 7?

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Three years after our first round of formal usability testing on Drupal 6, UX team did another series of testing to uncover usability issues with Drupal 7.

The intent of the session is to share findings from the study, and discuss how these findings might be helpful for a more usable Drupal 8. Attend this panel presentation if you are interested in understanding the user experience and the usability road map for Drupal 8.

Questions answered by this session:
1. How did we conduct the study?
2. What did we test?
3. Did our users succeed or fail accomplishing those tasks?
4. What was their overall experience using Drupal 7?
5. What does this mean for Drupal 8?

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Time slot: 
12 June 10:45 - 11:30
Classroom 105