Project Management Strategies for Successful Drupal Projects

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Discover a strategy for ensuring successful outcomes of Drupal projects of any size. “We don't have to manage our Drupal projects differently; Drupal allows us to manage them in different and more efficient ways” is an important statement. In addition to being a powerful Web Content Management System, Drupal is an incredible development framework allowing you to use thousands of existing tools (modules) to speed the development of your projects.

This session will quickly review common Project Management strategies, as well as go more in depth into how expanding your knowledge of Drupal will require you to change some of those existing practices. We will not be promoting any specific methodology (Waterfall, Agile etc), however there are of course vital components of each that are necessary for completing a project.

The most important step in ensuring a successful project is defining what success actually means to the stakeholders. This session will be successful if everyone leaves with the understanding of how outcomes of past projects could have been changed, or at least one thing they'll change in future projects.

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This session is geared towards anyone who is ready to start a Drupal project or towards those coming off a not-so-successful one. Project Managers, Drupal business owners, Business Analysts, Drupal team leads, or anyone involved in managing or constructing Drupal project teams.

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11 June 10:30 - 11:15
Classroom 105