Design in the Browser: Use CSS to Stop Lying to Ourselves and Our Clients

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Call it "Hard Boiled" web design, Agile Design, or simply Design in the Browser, we now have the tools to create, present, and get sign off on design without resorting to creating an endless series of static images that are at best an approximation of the site we'll eventually build.

Designing web pages as static images is usually a time-consuming exercise and produces a lie we tell ourselves and our clients. We're not designing pictures of websites, so why ask clients to sign off on one? Web work is dynamic, and needs to be seen and evaluated as early and often as possible in many browsers.

By designing in the browser we're able to solve a number of issues we face as people who make and sell web sites. Our mockups behave like web pages because they are web pages. We don't accidentally design features that are impossible to code. Any troublesome css technique will be discovered and addressed at the beginning of a project rather than in it's final days. We can experiment and implement the latest and best html5 and css3 techniques. And maybe most importantly, clients are never asked to sign off on a static facsimile of a web site that we all know will be at least slightly different from the final site we deliver.

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11 June 15:15 - 16:00
Concert Hall

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The class was very well done and I learned a great deal from it, so much so that it decided me on what path I was going to take in learning Drupal.