Drupalcamp Colorado 2011 Wrapup

What an event! Hundreds of folks came out to attend the camp.

camp photo cc-by-sa by ezrabg.

Huge registrations, broke the wifi, thanks for inviting friends

We had 426 paid registrations this year, growing by over 30%. Not bad. Unfortunately, we had a stampede of signups in the last week so even though we did some fun analysis to predict the signups we were way off. These charts show both the numerical difference in registrations in the weeks leading up to the event, but the slope of the line also shows how the last week of 2011 sales just took off. Great stuff!

graph of registrations in 2010 vs. 2011

Based on our prediction we alerted the campus to expect 350 people and about 1.5 devices per person. They allocated an extra 700 IP addresses to our building. Unfortunately we blew past that taking down the network in our building and several nearby buildings! Luckily we had direct phone calls in to the network staff who fixed the problem and within an hour we were back to consistent, high quality WiFi.

Of course we wouldn't have the venue or the ability to host so many people without our many great sponsors. Our usual goal is that sonsors cover 50% of the cost of the event, but this year they were so generous and plentiful that they covered 65%.

And as long as we're thanking people, of course we owe a big thanks to the great volunteers who kept the costs so low. Most attendees paid less than $35 for their ticket.

Training - 60 folks rapidly learning Drupal

We had over 60 folks in our training before the camp. The feedback from training attendees was that they learned a ton and it was a valuable acceleration up the Drupal learning curve.

Session videos now online

The fine folks at Variant Studios were able to capture many of the sessions on video. Those are now embedded into the session pages here on this site and are mostly available from the accepted sessions page.

Session evaluations now online

This site is, of course, based on the wonderful COD platform for event sites which has a feature for doing session evaluations. We were able to get over 400 session evaluations submitted during the camp. If you are a speaker curious what attendees thought of your session or another camp organizer looking to evaluate potential speakers, or just plain curious, you can download the evaluations in two formats: xls, ods.

Special features: Mobile app, Badglets

We added two extra fun features this year. The first was a mobile app based on GuideBook and assembled by Ben Jeavons. It wasn't perfect, but it worked well in a lot of ways. Ben wrote more details in Mobile conference schedules with Guidebook

photo of guidebookapp main page photo of guidebookapp schedule page

We also had great badge/booklet combinations by Lindsay Ogden. These were actually relatively cheap to produce and amazingly useful. Lindsay has provided a recipe for the Badglets.

Next year: Drupalcon Denver!

For folks who enjoyed this year's camp be sure to stay involved for Drupalcon Denver 2012. You can get news about that via @DrupalconDenver. Get news about general Colorado events via @DrupalColorado or the groups on Groups.Drupal.org.