Building Modules for Drupal 7 - Pre-conference workshop

Are you ready to jump into Drupal 7? Learn the basics of module building with Lullabot developers Jerad Bitner, Joe Shindelar, and Matt Kleve!

In this day-long class, you'll learn how Drupal works under the hood by building simple example modules and dissecting more complex code. You'll explore Drupal's most common hooks; learn how to use them together by building a simple module that responds to internal Drupal events; and investigate Drupal's 7's new database abstraction layer.

Normally $450.00, this accelerated Lullabot workshop is offered at the great price of $200 for DrupalCamp Colorado.

Target Audience:

Anyone with a basic understanding of PHP who wants to learn to extend Drupal's functionality.

Learning Objectives:

On completion, you'll be able to describe Drupal's event-based system and explain the role of modules in the Drupal ecosystem; you'll know what a hook is and be able to build a module that adds new functionality to Drupal; use Drupal's Database API to store, retreive, and manage data safely; and build simple input forms using the FormAPI.


  • How Drupal Works: Step through the flow of a typical page request to Drupal, and explore Drupal's hook extension mechanism
  • Implementing Hooks: We'll dissect a simple example module that covers some of Drupal's basic hooks, and take a detailed look at how hook_menu allows developers to add new elements to the site's navigation structure.
  • Working with Databases: Discussion of Drupal 7's "DBTNG" database layer and how to write database queries in Drupal.
  • Using Form API: Form execution workflow and examples of various form structures as well as validation and processing logic.

Workshop evaluation

If you attended this course, please let us know how it went by filling out a quick survey.

Classroom 105
Time slot: 
10 June 09:30 - 17:00