Project & Development Best Practices: Good Cop/Bad Cop

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This presentation takes a good cop/bad cop approach to project management and development best practices. We will poll the audience on the topics they would like us to cover. If there's anything not covered, we'll convene a BoF.

  • Does source control (git) absolutely need to be used for all projects, no matter the size?
  • How can I cost justify setting up a development, test production site for a small customer?
  • When should I build a user interface to change parameters? Will they pay for it?
  • Ticket tracking is great, but when does it get to be too much?
  • Can time tracking be made painless?
  • How do I manage misunderstandings in scope creep?
  • Ever asked to provide an estimate when you don't have enough information?
  • How do you convince the customer that he/she needs best practices when budgets are tight? (Sometimes you don’t.)

We rated this as intermediate, but everyone has or will have to face these basic challenges.

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12 June 11:45 - 12:30
Classroom 105

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Slides can be downloaded from h

Best - no! Essential Practices

It may seem like preaching to the choir, but you often have to justify your actions to your customers. It is very easy to lose control of a project without employing these techniques.