Importing a store into Drupal Commerce

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Many online stores start out as a list of products, descriptions, prices, and images. Sometimes this is a CSV file or other feed, sometimes it's a legacy site, such as an Ubercart site. We'll show how to use the Feeds and Commerce Feeds modules to build a complete store, using importing techniques.

This includes:

  • What is Feeds and what can it do?
  • Quick demonstration of importing a product catalog
  • Preparing the input data
    • Where do I get my data?
    • What form should it be in?
    • What kinds of things can I import?
    • What are problematic import issues?
  • Setting up your feeds importer (configuration, mapping)
  • Running the import to create products
  • Running the import to create product display nodes.
  • Maintaining your product catalog by syncing with an external data source.

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12 June 11:45 - 12:30
Recital Hall