How to setup a Drupal Development Environment for Windows

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Welcome to Drupalcamp!

If this is your first Drupal event, you may have a laptop along which you would like to try out the things you hear about during (or after) the sessions, but not know how to get things running - or, maybe you've gotten something installed halfway and it's gotten stuck.

This is the session to come to for help. I'll work with you to install the various pieces of support code that make Drupal happen, get them configured properly, and get your first site running on your local machine. Once that's running we'll work on support elements - an IDE and as much drush as will run on windows.

(And if anyone out there wants to help by becoming a co-presenter, I expect I could use the help.)

Update: I've added the handout for this session - please have a look and feel free to send me any suggestions for improving it. I've also added a page to my website at to hold the same info.

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11 June 11:30 - 12:15
Classroom 105
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