Drupal Commerce Nuts and Bolts

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Drupal Commerce was the first major contributed module system written for Drupal 7 architected using fieldable entities, Views 3, and Rules 2. We started development during the unstable releases of D7 and dev releases of the contribs, taking our share of bumps and bruises along the way. However, the work required to stay up to date with the various systems we depend on has paid huge dividends. The first version of the Commerce modules is already one of the most flexible e-commerce systems available, and understanding its architecture will give you a huge advantage when bidding on and building e-commerce websites.

While I'll be sharing a mile high overview of the core Commerce components and modules in the introductory session, this session will be geared toward developers interested in digging a little deeper into the core architecture. We'll look more closely at the entities and fields defined by the core modules and how they're meant to work together. We'll also explore non-standard e-commerce configurations that the loose coupling of our core systems enables.

Additionally, Drupal Commerce introduces its own systems built on these core components that you'll want to be familiar with as you start building sites with it. I'll showcase a few important pieces of the API that you should keep in mind during development, and I'll demonstrate some of the dark magic behind Rules that allows you to create advanced discounts and checkout completion workflows without having to write a lick of code.

This session will benefit advanced site builders used to building complex Views and Rules and certainly developers of all stripes. I won't spend much time discussing ongoing contributed module efforts in this session, but I'll be available after the session is over to discuss these with anyone interested.

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11 June 16:15 - 17:00
Recital Hall