Automated Security Reviews of Drupal

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This session will start with some basics about security in Drupal: what are the most common problems, what do they look like, and a little bit about how to protect your site. Then we'll jump forward into techniques for detecting problems with your site in an automated fashion. Finding security bugs can be boring repetitive work, the kind that we should delegate to computers to let humans focus on more complex and interesting problems.

  • Learn about the kinds of vulnerabilities that can exist in your Drupal site
  • See how to identify and exploit some of those vulnerabilities
  • Get quick tips on how protect your site from those vulnerabilities
  • And then learn about the various automated tools available to identify those problems for you

About Greg

Greg's security experience is based in his time with the Drupal Security Team, writing the security book Cracking Drupal, and doing security reviews for Drupal Scout.

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12 June 13:45 - 14:30
Concert Hall