What is DrupalCamp Colorado?

DrupalCamp Colorado is a two-day, community-organized event for people who love the interwebs. Both days will be packed with multi-track sessions about Drupal. Sessions will cover topics from the basic (put my module where?), to the more complex (dynamic subquery building using thrombulating wigitizer), with plenty in between. The camp is held at the Kings Center on Auraria Higher Education Center in Denver

Please submit surveys

If you attended, please submit the survey for attendees. If you didn't attend, please submit the survey for non-attendees.

See the general schedule.


Drupalcamp Colorado 2011 Wrapup

What an event! Hundreds of folks came out to attend the camp.

camp photo cc-by-sa by ezrabg.

Huge registrations, broke the wifi, thanks for inviting friends

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